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our programs

The Children’s Corner and it’s programs are licensed by the Department of Children and Families Office of Licensing. Each classroom maintains a child to teacher ratio that meets or exceeds state requirements. 

All teachers are qualified professionals who have experience with early childhood education. All staff members receive background checks and finger printing prior to employment, attend continuing education classes and are CPR/First Aid certified. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring your children feel nurtured and secure while in our care. 

Our programs, during the school year, foster pre-academic readiness in a nurturing environment. All classes are structured and include sensory play, manipulative and building activities, science, nature, math, multicultural teaching, arts, and crafts. 

a baby on its back playing with a toy during the infants programs


6 weeks to 15 months –  Infant Objectives

In our Infant Rooms, the goal of our teachers is to nurture each child with personal care. The Infant curriculum provides playful, stimulating activities designed to help children develop their sense of trust and increase language, cognitive, physical, social and emotional development. Teachers prepare daily reports to keep you informed of your child’s progress.

little boy on top of a slide


15 months to 2 years – Waddler Objectives

Our Waddler curriculum provides a caring atmosphere, comforting daily routines, and stimulating activities. This instills our Waddlers with a sense of safety and security. Teachers create opportunities for development of small and large motor skills and organize play activities to build concepts, listening, social, and emotional skills.

young child painting on a wall as part of the early preschool programs


Age 2-2.5 by October 1 – Early Preschool Objectives

Our Early Preschool 1 curriculum introduces individual, small, and large group planning activities. The teachers plan guided activities around a weekly theme to help the children learn and grow through art projects, blocks, toys, and dramatic play.

two children looking at a leaf


Age 3 by October 1st – Preschool Objectives

Our Preschool curriculum features exploration and discovery as a way of learning. It enables children to develop confidence, creativity, and critical-thinking skills. Through the use of language arts, social studies, math, science, faith and free expression, preschool students develop the fundamentals to expand their self-esteem, increase their independence and establish a desire to learn.

a girl with braids reading


Age 4 by October 1 – Pre-K Objectives

Our Pre-Kindergarten classes are designed to provide each child with an educational environment which maximizes growth potential while supporting the developmental needs of the child. Teachers create lesson plans based on a weekly theme, and incorporate language, math, religion, science/sensory, small motor, large motor, creative, social, and emotional objectives which are integrated with the learning centers. We intentionally encourage each child’s God-given gifts and talents, knowing that he or she is made uniquely special by God.

a boy in orange shirt and girl in pink shirt smiling in the kindergarten prep program


Age 5 by December 31 – Kindergarten Prep Objectives

Kindergarten Prep is to provide a child-centered curriculum to ensure that all children enter school ready to learn. The curriculum, dedicated to providing quality education from a Christian perspective, and focuses on building a strong foundation for school success. Teachers provide a balance of structure and self-direction, so children’s developmental skills and self-esteem are enhanced.

small image of two girls and one boy in the SAC program


K- 5th grade

Our School-Age Program is to provide a creative and enthusiastic atmosphere where children can relax and enjoy the afternoon part of their day. Teachers work to foster self-esteem, individuality, accomplishment, self-discipline, and fellowship through activities such as crafts, games, music, cooking, science, and stories.




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